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Sponsorship Vouchers

Sponsorship vouchers are a huge advantage for obtaining free products. Simply trade the vouchers to willing companies so they get free advertising and you get a sponsored product!

Sponsorship Voucher Value:


* Please note, this may not reflect your current voucher approval amount. Please refer to emails provided by your Agent for your accurate value.

Voucher Instructions

These vouchers are meant to help you obtain free and discounted products/services from company’s that you contact directly. Since you will be putting in the extra effort to contact companies, BikeSponsors.com will do all the promoting for your sponsors and relieve you of that burden. Of course, we encourage you to promote your sponsors but you are not obligated. Basically, you’ll present these vouchers to your local stores (or even online stores) and when a company accepts it, you get the sponsored part and we do the rest. If you want us to contact companies online and negotiate a sponsorship for you, please use the Full Sponsorships form found in your Team Dashboard.

YOU SHOULD KNOW…Companies do not simply receive a banner ad on our site. Each sponsor receives a custom advertising campaign that gives them leads, sales, social site integration, blog posts, and much more. We have 100,000 plus bike enthusiasts that we reach every week. PLEASE DO NOT SEND VOUCHERS TO OUR FEATURED SPONSORS – ONLY SEND TO NEW COMPANIES NOT PARTNERED WITH US. (Our featured sponsors already know to contact us if they want to fully sponsor you.)


Example, lets say you want your local garage to install your exhaust system and installation is $100, you can opt to give that company a $250 voucher, $500 voucher, $1000 voucher, $1500 voucher, $2000 voucher or even a $2,500 voucher (if you want to use it all on just one company). If you give them a $500 voucher, they will receive 3 months of advertising on BikeSponsors.com. I suggest that you give a company about 2 times the amount of the product or discount they are giving you. For example, let’s say a company gives you a product worth $300, you should give them at a minimum a $500 voucher but a $1000 voucher would be better. The bigger voucher value over the retail price may motivate the sponsor to make the deal. You can even negotiate with the sponsor and see what dollar amount works for them.

Turning in your Vouchers:

You will be filling out the voucher for the company. When you get back to your house you can either scan or take a pic of the voucher and send us an email with it attached. In the email, you should tell us any demands that sponsor has and any other information to help us so we can contact the sponsor appropriately.

Sponsors should be told that they are not to give you the product until we make contact with them. This is to protect you, them and us. We don’t want your vouchers to be presented by a non-team member and take your deserved product. So as soon as we receive your email with the completed voucher, we will contact the company (within 24 hours) and let them know they can release the product. If you are just receiving a discount, you do not have to wait for us to contact the sponsor if you don’t want.