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EXCLUSIVE TO BIKESPONSORS TEAM MEMBERS ONLY. Register to have opportunities to review products for free or at a discount. As a Product Reviewer, you will be able to get your hands on some of the newest and most popular products to test and review on sites like Amazon, Ebay, Facebook and sponsors websites. Please note: Some products you review may or may not be a fit for your bike, however, after you write a review you can choose to sell the product and keep the money.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you are very interested in product reviewing, you should also be taking advantage of our Full Sponsorship Form as our negotiations with sponsors include pitching them product reviews. If you aren’t using that form, you should proceed to that after you register here.

Why become a BikeSponsors Product Reviewer?

  • Get free and discounted products
  • Try new products just to market
  • Build relationships with sponsors
  • Receive bonuses for video reviews

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