Getting Started with

Below are a few steps to help you get started in the right direction. If you have questions please feel free to contact us anytime.


Utilize Your Sponsorship VouchersSponsorship vouchers are a great way to get sponsored by companies that are not featured by us. Vouchers are like cash to businesses, trade them for products and/or services. Vouchers are best used for presenting in person but you can also mail your vouchers to companies. One of our agency’s members actually got sponsored by a major company just by mailing them a voucher! So these are very powerful. And remember, companies want to reach bike enthusiasts so in exchange for them sponsoring you, they get free advertising on our site. If you have more questions on how to best use your vouchers please feel free to contact us.


Start Requesting Companies To Sponsor You. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE OF BIKESPONSORS. This is where you tell us the exact product you want and the exact company you want it from. We are going to contact each one of those companies to help get you sponsored by them. The only part you need to do is visit any company on the web and get their email address. Then go to the Full Sponsorship Product Request Form and fill out the form (takes about 60 seconds) and submit to us. That’s it! We’ll do the rest. You can have us contact up to 3 companies per day (up to 90 companies per month!).


Use Your Partial Sponsorships For Huge Savings – If you are ready to purchase a bike related product, then fill out your Partial Sponsorship Form. We will take your request to our featured sponsors and negotiate a special sponsored price. Think of us as a VIP service for all of your bike product purchasing needs. We will negotiate and even place the order for you.


Take Advantage of Cash Sponsorships – This is a great alternative to getting fully sponsored because you can actually be in full control on your results. Use the cash to pay for products or for any use. You can find your cash sponsorship here.


Did you know that we will negotiate any type of bike or automotive product and/or services for you? Think of us as a VIP service for your aftermarket parts purchasing needs. We’ve even helped members land sponsorships to help pay for installations.

Would you like to be featured on and our social sites? Well, consider it a done deal! We value you as a client and want to help you get exposure. Inside your Dashboard you will find a link at the bottom that says “Featured Your Bike”.

After you install a product, please upload installation picture. We would like to see a photo of your product installed on your bike. Many times we will feature it and send it to the sponsor. You can find the Installation Photo Upload Form inside your Dashboard.

SMS Sponsorship Text Alerts: If you haven’t already signed up for SMS Sponsorship Alerts you may want to subscribe as we will text you when you have a new sponsor, sponsorship or important information. You can opt in by going to your BikeSponsors Dashboard.

Keep your Sponsorship Vouchers and brochures on you. That way you have them handy if you run into a decision maker and want to get fully sponsored by them! Great for shows and events too.

If you have any questions please contact us!