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Your Application Is Pending

Please allow up to 48 hours for application processing. We will post a notification on this page when your application has been processed – Thank you! If you want to see the original page you landed on after you submitted your application you can view it here.

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Your application results are in!

Your sponsorship application has been approved. Please make your agency fee payment here:

One-Time Agency Fee $79

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Team Dashboard

Now that you are officially sponsored by BikeSponsors.com, you can start taking advantage of all of the great sponsorships you have access to. Your sponsorships are grouped into several categories: Full Sponsorships, Partial Sponsorships, Cash and Product Reviews.

Your CS Cash SmartLink™ is:

Use this URL to refer people to BikeSponsors.com and earn with your cash sponsorships. Learn More

Sponsorship Panel

Full Sponsorships

Use this form to request a product for full sponsorship.


Partial Sponsorships

Save as much as 50% off on products you choose.


Cash Sponsorships

Rather have cash in your pocket to spend on products?


Sponsorship Vouchers

These vouchers are meant to help you obtain free products.


Become A Product Reviewer

Receive discounts and free products for your honest review.


Bike Show Reimbursement

Enter your bike into shows and we will reimburse you.