How Works can help get you sponsored fast with the parts and products you need to build, customize or repair your bike. We pursue sponsorships from some of the biggest bike-related companies like ICON, FOX RACING SHOE, DUNLOP, BIKEMASTER, EBC BRAKES, ONEAL, ALPINE STARS, ARAI, BELL, FLY RACING, SEVEN, SHIMANO, MAGURA, SRAM AND OTHERS. You are not limited to just those companies, we will also pursue sponsorships from all types of motorcycle and cycling related companies of your choice. You can even select the exact parts you want us to help get you sponsored with.

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Types of Bike Sponsorships


Not only do we secure you products and parts, we also can help get you sponsored with cash.

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Add performance to you bike! We can pursue sponsorships from companies that have the parts you need.

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Looking for tires or wheels for your bike? No problem! has the know-how to help you get the exact wheels & tires you need.

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Every day we use decals and stickers to represent us and our sponsors. We’ll get you hooked up with graphic sponsors to offset the cost of your branding.

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Get sponsored with fenders, seats, flaps, accents and other exterior body accessories.

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Helmets, jackets, boots, pants, gloves, bags and other riding gear sponsorships available.

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Controls, Brakes, cooling and heating systems, electrical, engine and exhaust, frame, transmission are just some of the aftermarket parts sponsorships we obtain.

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We don’t just stop at parts sponsorships, we also can help you get tools and chemicals like oil and lube for your bike.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of sponsorships do companies give out?

The sponsorship type and amount is completely up to the sponsoring company. They will either offer a full sponsorship or a partial/discount sponsorship.

What types of sponsorships can I expect to receive?

We are successful in landing both full and partial sponsorships but we land more partial sponsorships than fulls. You should go into this expecting to receive partial sponsorships and if you receive a full sponsorship its a bonus.

What do I have to do for my sponsors?

If you receive a full sponsorship you may be required to promote the sponsor before they send you the products. If you receive a partial sponsorship you are not required to promote the sponsors although we highly encourage it. If you are offered a cash sponsorship, you will have to promote the sponsor before receiving any cash payouts.

Will companies sponsor me if I don’t have experience?

Yes, that’s the beauty of teaming up with We will actually leverage our own website and resources to build value for you and help get you sponsored. We offer your sponsors advertising and other special services in exchange for them sponsoring you. Most companies would keep this revenue for themselves but here at we pass this on to you so you can get the sponsorships you’ve always dreamt about.

How long does the sponsorship application take?

Our proprietary sponsorship application process takes about 24-48 hours. We will contact you by email once your application has been processed.

Is there a cost if I want to get sponsored?

Yes, we charge a one-time agency fee of $79 that covers you for 1 full year of No monthly fees, no auto-renewals.

Are there any other costs related to my sponsorships?

There are no other costs related to or management of your sponsorships. But you should be aware of some potential costs that could incur; If you get a full sponsorship there is no other cost except for your time promoting your sponsor. If you get a partial sponsorship, and if you want to take advantage of it, then you will be paying for the discounted part. In some cases, if you ask us to get you a sponsored part, we may ask that you put a deposit down on that part before we contact the company. This is to insure you are serious about buying that part before we spend our resources negotiating with the sponsor.

Do you guarantee sponsorships?

Yes, we guarantee that we will be successful at landing you partial sponsorships however we do not guarantee full sponsorships.

Does offer a refund policy?

Yes. You can receive a full refund within 48 hours of activating your sponsorship account as long as no product request forms have been submitted to us to negotiate.

What makes unique?

There is not a faster, easier, more affordable way to get your bike sponsored. We are known for our efficient sponsorship negotiations and can get you sponsored within days and even hours of submitting your application.

What are Sponsorship Vouchers?

If your application approval includes sponsorship vouchers, you can offer them to bike related companies in exchange for free or discounted parts and services. Vouchers are a valuable tool for landing sponsorships as they offer companies free advertising on in exchange for them giving you a sponsored product. As long as the company is willing to trade, you get the sponsored part and they get free advertising.

What are Cash Sponsorships? offers in-house cash sponsorships as a way to help bike enthusiasts generate money to help pay for parts or services. If you’ve received a cash sponsorship offer from, and you want to take advantage of it, you will receive a commission for every person you refer to You can earn up to the amount you were approved for during your one year sponsorship term.

Is sponsorship service open to everyone?

Yes, we’ve successfully sponsored all types of motorcycles, including street bikes, dirt bikes, cruisers, cycling, atv’s and even go carts.

How can I reach customer support?

Customer support and sponsorship advisers are available Monday through Friday 9am-5pm EST here.

Does have a Facebook Page?

Of course! Be sure to become a fan of Facebook and get the latest sponsorship postings, sponsor news, contests and sponsors product deals!

What are the responsibilities of the agency and client?

Agency responsibilities; screening applications, awarding sponsorship deals, managing clients portfolio, sponsorship negotiations, product ordering/shipping and all support questions. Our agency does not pick up bikes, install parts or fix mechanical problems. Client responsibilities; promote sponsors and have fun!

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