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We will email you (or text you) when your application has been reviewed. In The Industry…’s Preston “The Hammer” Wins 2 Rounds and Main Event In Total Points. Great job Preston for leading the pack!

Preston The Hammer Evans is proud to have him as part of our team. Preston looked great in all his new Black Crown BMX gear and would go on to win 2 rounds and the main event in a total points race. Way to go, Preston. He also received the remaining parts for his new 2012 Black Crown Bicycle and he and John worked to get it put together on Sunday. Looks great! Thank you Rob McAlister, Black Crown

To – I’d like to begin by saying thanks for my Sponsorship with you!


Next, I’d like to update you of my results from last weekend. Last weekend at JenningsGP combined both the SE and Florida Regions together. It seems the Florida Region has some pretty stiff competition….combined with some tire slippage I didn’t place as well as I had hoped. I ran GTO, Supersport, Gran Prix, Rookies Cup this time around. I placed 3rd in UNLIMITED SUPERSPORT AMATEUR..

I’m gearing up for the Carolina Motorsports Park Race coming up this weekend. Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how I’m doing after the 2nd of a total of 7 Races for the SE Regional Championship.

I currently rank in Overall Points for the SE Regional CCS Standings #5 out of 84 Racers.

Check out Eric Zapf and one of his install videos and clips of his racing.

Eric is sponsored through

My New 21″ Front Fender on my 2009 Street Glide – Will Saksek

Will showing his new 21″ Klock Werks front fender for his 2009 Street Glide.

CASEY KNEISEL Showing Off His New Sponsorships

My plan is to get the coolest custom bike in Tucson not many people have nice shape gs’s this bike was one of the original “crotch rockets” in my opinion this motorcycle is underrated and id like to see it get more attention som of the upgrade i would like to do is re jet the carb and put a performance ignition both of these would greatly increase horse power by allowing more fuel and adjusting the timing also i would like to change the boring orange paint to stylish decal kit also the bulky stock turn signals have to go there just ugly. im really enthusiastic to try out bike sponsors service. the help with my project is greatly appreciated and i hope i can be helpful in

Tony “Game Over” Perez showing off his new $350 Icon Helmet from! attended one of Tony’s competitions in Orlando and did we get a show!! He is incredibly skilled…keep an eye out for him as he’s climbing to the top real fast. We got some great footage too that we will be posting!